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Elastomeric bridge joint

2019/5/23 10:44:53  2022
Elastomeric bridge joint, rubber bridge expansion joint, elastomer bridge expansion joint

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SL-Elastomer bridge expansion joint can be fabricated in varying widths proportional to the total allowable

movement range. Normally used for movement ranges of 38 to 330mm by shear deformation of the elastomer

between the steel components.

Property of elastomer

Item Index
Hardness / shore A 60±5
Tensile strength / kgs/cm2 >150
Elongation at rupture / % >400
Rubber-steel bonding / N/mm >11
Low temperture resistance / ℃ -30
Ozone resistance No crack
Remanent deformation /%maxim.def <35
Oil resistance /% >18


Movement accommodation Module Length Module width Module depth Stud diameter Max stud height Gap
38mm 1000mm 240mm 35mm 12mm 32mm 35mm
50mm 1000mm
274mm 40mm 12mm 32mm 51mm
65mm 1000mm
356mm 46mm 16mm 40mm 67mm
76mm 1000mm
432mm 52mm 20mm 42mm 83mm
102mm 1000mm
590mm 54mm 20mm 42mm 102mm
165mm 1000mm
724mm 75mm 24mm 50mm 121mm
230mm 1000mm
890mm 93mm 24mm 60mm 158mm
330mm 1000mm
1204mm 127mm 30mm 70mm 216mm

Applicable to old bridges, small bridges, and those with low load capacity.

  1. Set out and cut the elastomeric Bridge Expansion Joint.

  2. Excavate and clean the Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint area.

  3. Drill holes to locate the anchor bolts.

  4. Place the rebar mat and mold.

  5. Pour bottom concrete layer.

  6. Install the elastomeric bridge expansion joint.

  7. Pour side concrete.

  8. Maintenance the Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint

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