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Vulcanized rubber hydrophilic waterstop

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Vulcanized rubber water stop Swelling rate: 150%-600% Shape: Round, rectangle Color: Black, Red Main material: Rubber

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Vulcanized rubber hydrophilic waterstop is rubber based used to seal and waterproof concrete joints.It is made of polymer expansion rubber.It is a kind of new waterproof material with both the properties of common rubber products and self-expansion when it meets water. In contact with water the waterstop strip will swell approximately 150%-600 % of its original dry volume, the expansive clay mass will seal the cracks and small voids in the joint.


  1. After being hardened concrete construction joint interface, sweep off scum, dust, debris, etc.
  2. After the installation site is determined, apply a thin layer of adhesive on the interface of the water stop to be installed and the bottom of the water stop, and wait for the glue to evaporate for a period of time before pasting, or use a high-strength anchor to seal the water stop Fixed in the installation site.
  3. In case of concrete interface wet or bumpy, adhesive paste fixed is not strong, depending on the specific situation with high-strength anchor to further strengthen the fixed.
  4. Finally, the water stop must be in close contact with the concrete interface firmly fixed, waterproof seal off the interface and the role of impermeability.

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